Building a Universe Together

Builders and Warriors is a Fantasy Universe. A new kind of universe that we build togetherWarhammer, Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering are all owned by giant corporations, and are closed off by copyright, licensing, patents, lawsuits, and lawyers.

Blockchain technologies have unlocked novel ways for developers and players to align incentives and share economic rewards. We want to work together and share in the rewards so we can create something none of us could do on our own.

Play and enjoy different games across the universe like RPGs, idle games, TCGs and more. Our first game, Darkforge Dungeons, is a roguelike currently development and will soon be going into Alpha.

Hero Grid

Ancient Heroes

The Key to Adventure

Heroes are the foundtion of the Builders & Warriors Universe. Each hero has stats, traits, and equipment that can be customized by players and used across all games and experiences in the BWU.

The Realm of Hereval

A World of Wonder

For thousands of years, Elves ruled a mighty empire through an age of legends and powerful magics. In the wake of the Worldbreak, the survivors struggled with darkness and terrible cold. Many survived only with the assistance of what relics remained from the Fallen Empire.

The return of the sun and disappearance of the dark clouds that blocked the moon heralded an end to the long winter of the Desolation. Survivors emerged from their keeps and warrens and are beginning to explore and repopulate the lands.


Darkforge Dungeons

This roguelike dungeon crawler is the first proof of concept game in the Builders & Warriors Universe. Fight through deep dungeons and escape with awesome loot.

This web-based game is fully cross platform between desktop and mobile. No need to clutter your phone with another app, just visit the site and start playing.



Variety of Play

A Collection of Games

Darkforge Dungeons is just the first example game in the Builders & Warriors Universe. We will be working with other associates to develop idle games, strategy games, and more. All will use our blockchain powered engine to be available to play anywhere.


A Library of Lore

Stories to Tell

From the Orc Hoochmasters to the Circle of the Radient Grove, The Builders & Warriors lore and backstories are open for everyone to build upon. Our ever-growing wiki is full of lore to use in creating your own games and experiences.


More than Games

A Passport Beyond

The BWU extends beyond electronix games into real world applications. Artwork, 3D printed minis, and card games will be created by other Builders that want to join in on the adventure.

Join the Community

Build a Universe With Us

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It doesn't stop at games, we will be releasing the branding, assets, and IP behind the BWU under the permissive CC0 license, creating an open source world as the basis for electronic and real world games, card games, 3d printed minis, stories, and more. Let’s make a fantasy world we can all participate in. Let’s make and play games, create art and collections, and tell stories together.

Our Team

The Builders & Warriors Universe has been created behind closed doors for the last 2 1/2 years by a team of experienced game makers and storytellers. We have founded and sold companies, raised money, made games, and made game brands through the past three decades all so we could pursue our passion of making fun games.

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