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Deep Down Below

Darkforge Dungeons is a roguelike dungeon crawler, and is the first proof of concept game in the Builders & Warriors Universe. Turn-based combat designed quick play sessions create an easy drop in, drop out experience. Fight to the bottom of the dungeon and escape with loot to outfit and upgrade your custom hero.


Game Overview

Pocket-Sized Adventure


Fight for Your Survival

Into the Depths

The realm of Hereval is populated with long-forgotten dungeons ready to explore. Dungeons are filled with monsters, traps, and special encounters waiting for you to discover. Fight using with your skills and wits with a turn-based combat system designed for quick, fun encounters.


Darkness Fights Back

Formidable Foes

Danger awaits behind each doorway in the dungeons. From living to undead, humanoids to vermin, monsters come with different strategies and abilities to constantly test your combat skills. Balance your food, supplies, and hero abilities to fight your way through the horde.

Hero NFT

Loot. Craft. Mint.

Forge Unique Heroes

Find rare crafting materials to imbue your equipment with powerful magic granting special skills and powers. Upgrade & outfit your gear, then enter the Darkforge to mint your heroes into unique NFTs that can be bought, sold, traded and collected on our internal or external marketplaces.


Play Everywhere

Darkforge Dungeons is web-based and can be accessed on both desktop and mobile. No need to download another app that clutters up your phone and constantly updates in the background. Start playing in the amount of time it takes to load a web page.

Part of a Greater Universe.

The Builders & Warriors Universe is an open source fantasy world full of games, stories, and more. Darkforge Duneons is the first example game and just a start of what's to come.


Join the Community

Build a Universe With Us

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It doesn't stop at games, we will be releasing the branding, assets, and IP behind the BWU under the permissive CC0 license, creating an open source world as the basis for electronic and real world games, card games, 3d printed minis, stories, and more. Let’s make a fantasy world we can all participate in. Let’s make and play games, create art and collections, and tell stories together.

Our Team

The Builders & Warriors Universe has been created behind closed doors for the last 2 1/2 years by a team of experienced game makers and storytellers. We have founded and sold companies, raised money, made games, and made game brands through the past three decades all so we could pursue our passion of making fun games.

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